Hey! Can you hear the echo? It’s really quiet in here. There’s definitely a lot of dance music going on but where has all the attitude gone?

Where are The Dollfins?

I miss The Dollfins.

When last was there an unforgiving all-girl punk band whose stage names are Pussy Slap, Bear Trap and F^$k You? Where are the new Spoek Mathambos? The unconventional wizards of electro soul and lyrical genius constantly pushing musical boundaries?

Where are the Die Antwoords? Hate ’em or love ’em, they bring zef to the party and they just can’t be ignored, which is something you can’t say for most artists. Where are the new Blk Jks, who made no excuses in breaking international borders with their sheer alternative approach to music and just being “out-there”?

For goodness sake, why is there not yet an isiZulu Fokofpolisiekar standing up for justice in SA?

When did the music scene go back to being safe, Top 40 and boring? And why?

Hasn’t the inter-webs opened up new platforms to be brave in music, to create new genres or to ignite revolutions, whether political or musical? Has it become so easy write a fairly evocative Facebook status that one no longer needs to fight the good fight?

At Humdrum.TV, we’d like to support real artists who stand for something. If this is you, or you know one, please leave us a message because we want this magazine to stand for creatives who stand for something.

Use the comment section below to connect us with artists you feel passionate about and that really need to be exposed (please note, we reserve the right to ban your boyfriends luke-warm floppycock pop band with names like “The Infinity”).

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