Hand deciding power over to the fandom and it’s never certain what the outcome will be.

But considering the half a million strong social media following between them, I don’t think anyone was surprised when the Black MotionKwesta collaboration was announced this past week in the Xperia Mashlab.

It seems the people knew just what was required to inject vigour into the sometimes-lacklustre South African music industry.

There will be no coming back from this. These are arguably the biggest artists in the industry, after all, with more than enough clout to revolutionise their respective genres. This is so huge in fact, that even Black Motion’s Thabo Smol could hardly believe it.

“We didn’t think we’d be as deep into as in producing a song with a rapper like this, bro. It’s amazing,” he said after hearing Black Motion was voted into the Xperia Mashlab.

Kwesta DaKAR will be collaborating in July's Xperia Mashlab

With Kwesta’s innovative lyricism and Black Motion’s body commanding rhythms, these artists seem to have been made for each other.

“I’m ready for the challenge. It’s experimenting with music. It’s what we do it for anyway, so I’m ready for it,” says musical sensation and self-proclaimed king of Afrikan rap Kwesta.

Thabo echoed his enthusiasm: “We’re gonna make this epic,” he exclaimed. “I’m totally for it! I mean, the people voted.”

The news means a great deal to hip-hop and dance fans. “Now this is some strong freaking crazy some fire combination. Its definitely a hit! can’t freaking wait,” commented fan ‘Thee Honourable Myza’. Andile ‘Skinny’ Luhlongwane agreed, enthusing: “Its gonna be massive… House Kings With The Rap King”.

black motionThe trio will have the month to produce an awesome piece of collaborative music based on input received by their fans.

“It’s always better when it starts from scratch: like the first kick and the first high hat, [through] to the last beats of the song,” explains master lyricist Kwesta of the collaborative song-writing process.

It is really up to the fandom though. What an exciting project for music lovers across the country.

“I’m all yours,” Kwesta called out to his fans. “You can tell me what to do.”

Go to mashlabmusic.com to vote throughout the month on song ideas, titles and music video concepts.

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