The Daisies countdown is now in single digits and festival organisers have upped the anti. spoke to organisers about what festival-goers can expect in 2015.

Aside from promises of nuns on Segways, monkeys, a dominatrix on stilts, BMX tricksters and a world class lineup, this is what we learned:

1) Daisies has 9 stages, over 180 performing artists, 10 of which are international acts, this more than they have ever had before. Daisies has also increased camping spaces, improved & updated eco and water policies, improved festival exit plan plus many other improvements this year.

Photography by Adriaan Louw-6352

Photo: Adriaan Louw

2) Daisies newbies should come with a good positive vibe! Bring sunscreen for the day and warm clothes for the night.

Photo: Adriaan Louw

Photo: Adriaan Louw

3) Not only does Daisies showcase some of the best acts locally and from around the world, Daisies is also incredibly eco-consious about the way in which they produce the festival – something they have won numerous international awards for.

Photography by Adriaan Louw

Photo: Adriaan Louw

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And remember, don’t be a d*ck.

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