‘Anaconda’ destroyed Vevo’s record for the most video views in 24 hours: scooping up a whopping 19.6 million views for a gleeful Nicki Minaj.

One year, and 474 836 241 views later, Minaj’s ode to the female booty may actually accomplish something other than upsetting our aunts and making our ears bleed.

Previously dubbed the ‘burkha rapper’, now sans burkha, rapper Sofia Ashraf, appropriated the infamous track to send the world a well-needed wake up call.

It seems you need a gimmick, Nicki Minaj and booties, in order to get any attention nowadays. Ashraf was determined to give industrial pollution and environmental health the attention they deserve, taking on a multinational financial giant in the process.

In the video, which is steadily catching up Minaj in the views department, Ashraf accused the multinational company, Unilever, of poisoning the soil and water of the Indian town Kodaikanal with mercury: causing devastating deaths and deformity.

The video calls viewers to sign a petition to hold Unilever accountable for the effects of the pollution and to get the company to compensate the workers affected by the mercury.

We might be in the midst of the biggest beef the internet’s seen in age, but neither Drake nor Meek have got anything on Ashraf.


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