Beyoncé‘s ‘Formation’ is exactly what the music industry has been missing.

Humdrum.TV recently lamented the lack of meaningful and unapologetic commentary coming out of the music scene.

We missed the days of punk, when music was all about going against the norm and exposing hard truths. This is what music is about after all. This is why albums were made to begin with.

Punk often rubbed people the wrong way and was misconstrued as just being offensive.

Now that ‘Formation’ has landed, amidst a cloud of meaningless and predictable pop, could it be that Beyoncé has made her very first punk track?

Beyoncé may have just brought back the music.

Mind-searing political commentary meet Black Feminism and Black excellence in this stunning and powerful statement.

Any new Beyoncé track, dropped without any warning, would have been enough to blow up the internet. But ‘Formation’ has startled, insulted, incited and excited the world beyond measure.

Police brutality, Black trauma and Black power; you name it. It’s all here.

The world loves it and hates it.

The world shouts Beyoncé’s praise in one sentence, then calls her insensitive and unfeminist in another.

But Humdrum.TV prides itself in standing up for courageous artists.

The Sex Pistols would be proud.

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